Team and External Advisors


                        Arnab Sarkar



Arnab professes that he will never retire. Jointrain Inc. is his stepping stone in that direction. He has confidence that Jointrain Inc. can help people by giving them the ability to learn valuable vocational skills and gain worthwhile employment. He works as a Trader and Strategist, is interested in poetry and painting, swimming, music (metal, jazz, blues, country name it) and eating bizarre foods (once in a while). He excelled in welding, molding, casting, forging, engineering drawing, operating a lathe, milling and CNC machine while at school. Arnab values folks and friends from all walks of life: from the welders to nurses, from seamstresses to investment bankers. He believes in the dictum “Work is Prayer". He is responsible for providing overall direction to Jointrain Inc.





                          Bryan Moran

    Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Planning Officer


Bryan wore multiple hats throughout his career and adventures across continents. He has worked on Wall Street selling complex securities, has experience with politics in Washington DC, software services marketing and product development, has been a panel moderator and speaker, ran and sold his events and model agency, and worked on multiple global advertising campaigns. Bryan is a risk taker to the core - he once travelled to India and worked on some iconic Foreign Films and Bollywood World Tours. He can repair a HVAC, fix a furniture, cook a great meal, dance to the tune of bhangra, pitch a business, and entertain a large group of friends. Bryan keeps Jointrain Inc. on schedule !




                  Yashoda Langkam

        Chief of Curriculum Development


Yash is responsible for curriculum development, standardization of training modules and continued improvement of our testing platform. She has taught Mathematics at one of the most competitive schools in India. She is a Sho-Dan (Black Belt 2nd Dan) in the art of Shito-ryu Shanshikan Karate-do and an accomplished amateur painter who has exhibited her work at galleries. She is the mother of two lovely boys, and enjoys travelling and Karaoke with her husband and kids. At Jointrain Inc., she brings her fighting spirit to the ring! 



                  Josh Leibensperger

                    External Advisor


Josh advises Arnab at Jointrain Inc. as a friend, given his expertise in “All Things Engineering”.  Professional experiences include providing consulting for various sectors such as rainwater harvesting, green roofs, waste management, stream restoration and in general, water resources.  Josh may be an Engineer by trade, but enjoys the arts as well as the great outdoors including times spent farming and growing plants, photographing nature, perusing art museums, kayaking, and sometimes simply getting away from society and into the wilderness.  He's also passionate about cooking and eating delicious foods from all cuisines, though a night out with sushi and sake is a typical adventure.  Above all, Josh is a rebel at heart and lives life as such with the next adventure always close at hand.